Effective Transaction Monitoring.

Our easy to use tools help you to protect your customers & meet your regulatory duties.

Starting from £599 a month.


  • A risk based transaction monitoring tool designed to analyse your clients transactions for unusual or suspicious activity.

  • Designed with industry know how for the Foreign Exchange, Payments and Money Services industries.

  • Engineered to enhance your compliance with Money Laundering Regulation requirements, 5th EU Money Laundering Directive objectives & Proceeds of Crime Act obligations.

Our Principles


The greatest tools are of no use if you can’t afford them. ERMI aims to be cheap, affordable & available to all.


Cheap doesn't have to mean useless. Our aim is to make an effective tool, customizable to your business risks and taking into account relevant guidance and laws.


A system is only as good as its rules, our rules are consistent, regularly tested and will give the same results over and over.


Easy to use in every way. ERMI can be integrated in as little as 24 hours and delivers a report directly to you in familiar excel format.

Why choose ERMI?

  1. Built by an MLRO, For MLRO’s - Our ruleset is tailored for the Foreign Exchange (FX) and payments industry and was built taking into account the practicalities of how monitoring tools are actually used. We focus on the core requirements of the regulations and keep costs low to help you achieve internal sign off and avoid manual processes.

  2. Powerful included rules from day one - We preload a standard set of risk based rules which take your client risk assessment into account, allowing you to flag high risk clients more actively, as well as considering other KYC data in keeping with AML requirements. 

  3. Our pricing structure is open, simple and transparent - All contracts have 12 month terms, but carry no setup fees. Contracts allow for up to 10 million transaction to be monitored, and include all of our features, rules & datasets. So you know exactly what your costs will be, even before you start trading.

  4. We're flexible - Firms can also use our weekly monitoring tool until they start trading, and upgrade once their volumes increase. Perfect for pre-trading startups!

What makes us unique

FX conversion

Present your transactions in almost any currency, and ERMI converts all transactions to a home base currency for monitoring using the EBA or Bank of Canada rates for the day. 

Minimal Data

Our Monitoring tool can work with as little as 9 pieces of data (Though we can accept up to 70!)

Specialist rulesets

PEP, Vulnerable person, high risk address and high risk postcode rules which use external intelligence to create smarter results

4th party & agent monitoring

Specialist rules are available to monitor your individual agents or branches, and monitor your aggregate data across all agents.

How ERMI works

ERMI is exceptionally simple to setup and use. Once setup it's a 4 step process to go from transactions to final report:

  1. You (or your IT team) upload a specially formatted CSV file of your transactions for that day / week / month to us via AWS, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure or in a Google Spreadsheet.

    Our special spreadsheet format contains all the information we need to screen your transactions. The more data you provide, the mores rules are applied.

  2. That night, ERMI gets to work, applying the monitoring rules to your transactions and then outputting a simple to use report in Microsoft Excel format with flags for anything ERMI has found.

    ERMI has a busy night, converting currencies, preparing client profiles, calculating averages, computing volumes, checking the companies house database... all sorts. But it all comes back in a simple easy to read Excel file.

  3. By 9am, the excel formatted report is delivered back to you via AWS, Google Drive, or Microsoft Azure. Whichever is easiest for you.

    ERMI can load data from one place, and then send the report somewhere else. It's easy to send the data and even easier to receive the report.

  4. Within the report you can view all the flagged transaction & payers complete with a one page summary. The report also includes management information to identify your largest clients all sorted into one currency for easy comparison.


Our pricing is simple:

  • Fixed pricing up to 100 million transactions a year

  • Pay for frequency of analysis not volume 

  • No setup or hidden fees

  • All plans include all rules & datasets



  • Run every Friday

  • Report arrives by Monday



  • Run every day

  • Report arrives by 9am


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  • Run as often as needed

  • Reports in minutes

Why is ERMI so affordable?


ERMI concentrates on the core function of a transaction monitoring tool, the analytics engine. By not offering expensive surrounding services and allowing you to use your existing tools for case management, we can provide our services at a much lower cost. 

Careful Engineering:

ERMI has been engineered from the start to be affordable. Our entire platform is engineered to deliver effective monitoring for minimal cost and maximum value.

Driven by industry needs

ERMI is designed to grow with you.   We’re perfect for startups with low volumes, but we will scale with you as you reach your Million Transaction per Month goals. We love working with firms who need a tool but have not begun trading, and firms who have manual systems for processing transactions.

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